viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


Guys, in this post I want to show a very sexy and masculine look, ideal to take pictures or spend a relaxing day at home, but the fact that we are at home does not mean that we look bad, however we must look fresh and relaxed, yet sexy and comfortable, and as many men at home are usually in underwear or pajamas, this option presents itself with sensual and fun way to take advantage of the muscular Tank Top, and boxer set.

This style is comprised of a black boxer set that makes the package very well for some and embarrassment to others, a muscle t-shirt printed, which lets you view tattoos torso and arms, gray wool gloves hanging on the shoulders, a gray winter hat, black gloves on the hands, brown combat boots and an iPod so that we are connected with the best of the music.

If you identify with this style, go through all the items and add them to your personality, highlighting your best angles.

                                                             (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN + HAIR BASE: AKERUKA / Damien Chinbeard Light Haired + Hairbase & Eyeliner / Skin Group Gift (Join 250 L)

- EYES: ::VyC:: / Eye Contact / Blue / [GROUP Gift]


-TATTOO: Mark tattoo / Ydea  / Mark gift 

GLOVES: gloves cruch / '''lotus noir''' / cruch outfit / Gift MHO

COSTUME:  Boxer + Shirt + Cap +  Ipod + Bulge + Gloves / Death Dealers'Market / Im Sexy [Men]

 - BOOTS: DeathRow Designs / Patchwork Bum Boots / AD&DW #30

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