sábado, 21 de enero de 2012


Hi guys, well the blog has been a bit paralyzed because all of us are preparing for the back to school and you know that this is a process that requires time and dedication, but we tell all organizations to work more often, but this day I want to bring some look to be entertained a bit.

I present this look is formal, ideal for use in the office, go to the bank, go out for a working lunch or to a job interview, since it is a suit, but not exaggerated in the elegance, so 'll look wonderful, but the cool weather, confident and relaxed.

The suit is gray, and is complemented with a wool cap and formal shoes in chocolate, if you identify with this style, go for all elements and adapt it to your personality.

                                                              (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN:  Akeruka / Kal Goatie 3 Pale H Haired / Moolto.com SISTER HUNT 
- EYES:::VyC:: / Eye Contact / Green / [GROUP Gift]


- CAP:  SF Design / MENstuff Gift # 88

COSTUME: [:B!ASTA :] / NEW BEGINNINGS / Group gift Jan 2011-male

- SHOES: ::GABRIEL:: / Male Dress shoes(Browm) / Group Gift

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