sábado, 7 de enero de 2012


FINESMITH have a 2011 cleanup hunt, items that would be retire from the collection. 
Each item are from free to 5 L$, you have to search for a 2011 in silver or red.
(Group needed)

Earrings: GLANCE EARRINGS (Hunt 4)
Necklace: GLANCE NECKLACE (Hunt 3)
Bracelet: GLANCE BRACELET (Hunt 2)

Earrings: LULU GOLD EARRINGS (Hunt 7)
Necklace: PEARL CHOCKER GOLD (Hunt 5)
Bracelet: SWIRL GOLD & SILVER (Hunt 19)

Earrings: CORAL HOOPS (Hunt 20)
Necklace: CHARLOTTE BEADS - CORAL (Hunt 18)

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