martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011


Hello, this post is very sexy and is dedicated to all girls who love lingerie, underwear, laces, satins, silks, nets and all the clothes that make us look subtle, beautiful, delicate but sensual and provocative while, we transform from good girl to a femme fatale, sexual and capable of provoking thoughts in men of all kinds, from the most innocent to the more sensual and even the most dirty and wild.

This set of lingerie that I bring is ideal for Christmas time, as each one of the items now draw up grading in the colors of the season, so if you did not have the lingerie for Christmas, this is your chance to have it and surprise your partner, as well as Santos recommended to us in a previous post with the slip Christmas for kids, so following your advice girls, surprised at our partners, boyfriends or friends with rights.

As additional data to complete the surprise, I recommend using this set under a glamorous gown and prepare a dinner by candlelight with many details, wine, romantic music and then you will know to do after dinner and enjoy the aphrodisiac taste of wine.


                                                             (Click on photo to enlarge)

Andreita Used:

- Skin: *JeSyLiLO*::2012 / Dec::GroupGift*

- Shape: Mine

- Eyes: Poetic Colors / Autumn Moon Bright / Freebie Eyes

- Hair: Analog Dog / Lemon Cherry /  Freeball 

 - Lash: VERO MODERO (October Female Gift)

- Lingerie Set: ~Blacklace~ / Sexy Naughty Little / Winter Gift 

- Necklace: *ByKay* / ~ Angel  Necklace ~  / Advent Calendar Holiday Event Gift 

- Jewelry Set: Aitac Parure Platinum Diamond  / Bracciale & Orecchiol / MTA Group Notices

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