viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


Watch Here the Video with the Animation

Guys, in this post I want to show a fun dance animation store My Animations gives us exclusively for the month of January, this dance as you can imagine is of excellent quality and is made with the best techniques of animation second life , which he usually does this store, enough only to take a stroll through the 3 floors of this wonderful store to enjoy the best dance animations, AO's, models, catwalk and poses.

This dance New Year's gift, to start the year happy and dynamic, as shown in the animation, as is well known for singing and dancing all life is much more tasty and sorrows are forgotten faster.

If you identify with this dance and want to make an impression at parties and clubs in second life do not miss this great animation, and bring to all your friends dancing to the beat of My Animations, for this gift just have to subscribe to the store or be part of the same group.

Santos Used:

DANCE:  My Dance GIft-Jan 2012 / My Animations / >> January EXCLUSIVE GIFT << 

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