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Video Tutorual: Animated Cock Operation

Restriction: It is recommended that children and people sensitive to certain material asten to see this post, if you're going to see that it is in the company of your parents or a responsible adult, this blog is not responsible if you do not follow this advice.

Hey guys it's time to start with the good news in this blog, and start to tell a curious thing happened to me, walking through some shops in sl, looking for gifts and surprises for the blog, it happens that I come to a couple of new avatars and ask me where they can get a cock, because they wanted to experience the virtual sex in this game, the truth that caused me some surprise and laughter, because I never had direct question, but I understood their need and the fact that were new, and it starts with something in this wonderful virtual world, and harm than good sex is the gateway to almost all the worlds, places and experiences, is a door that never closes.

For this reason I wanted to make this post for those who want to have your own dick in sl, so do not pass needs and not be wondering where to get his cock all who approach them or any person you see, can be embarrassing.

This entry is for lovers of sex and those who want to experience their first sexual relationship in second life, so that men enjoy this post, it is for you, I hope this tutorial thank their girlfriends, and know to take advantage of this gift cock, and that this is an opportunity to live their sl fully, but a recommendation not to have sex with anyone who crossed their front, this blog does not support promiscuous and have the best sex of their lives in sl and rl ... luck with that.

Santos Used:

- COCK: Free Sculpted Cock +  Hud / [DXDesigns] / Gift 

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