lunes, 30 de enero de 2012


Hola Amigos,este es un nuevo post para las chicas, este look me parece genial y elegante para ir a cualquier lugar. Es un look casual para las chicas modernas y estilizadas.

Este look consta de un top en lentejuelas verdes con un escote en palabra de honor, dejando al decsubierto los lindos y delgados brazos. unos leggings negros hasta las rodillas, pegado al cuerpo dejando  ver un bello y estlizado cuerpo. un cabello en tono negro reocgido , aretes redondos y bracaletes color oro haciendo juego con el outfit.

Vanessa Usa:

SKIN: Al vulo

HAIR:Emotions (Free)

OUTFITS: Beatrice Style( Group Gifts)

BRACALETS:Jk Trends (Gift groups) 15L

EARRINGS:Jk Trends(Gift Group) 15L

LASHES: vero modero(Gift Group) september group

MAKE UP: R.Icielli 

viernes, 27 de enero de 2012


Guys, in this last entry of the day I want to show a very aquatic look, mystical and fantasy, this post is dedicated to all those who once dreamed of being a sea creature and to honor the mermaids, mermen and sea gods Poseidon and others, Aquaman and other heroes of ancient and modern mythology.

This style is ideal to wear at a costume contest, to take pictures and to experience a day as it is to feel a sea creature.

This look consists of a beautiful skin, scaly dark turquoise, deep blue eyes, hair crest in blue lights, and a tail and body ornaments in turquoise and azure.

If you feel identified with this style do not miss the opportunity to have it, it does not hurt to have a style like this in our inventory, we can be useful in any occasion, and remember to fit your style and personality.

                                                               (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN:  ~TableauVivant~  / Noctis Hair Base & Bald Base /  Group Gift 

- EYES1: MADesigns / EYES_PURPOSE /  infected sky 

- EYES2: MADesigns / EYES_CLARITY / a question

HAIR: .::MADesignsHAIR::. / ~ OWEN ~ Club Black III

- MERMAN: "Calypso" / Mermaid / Merman / Gift


Guys, in this post I want to show a style that I would define as fun and adventurous, I think this set is ideal to go for a walk in the woods, field or take a tour of the surroundings of the lodge is a look very natural, without major pretensions with which look casual, on any adventure with the family, or country tour with friends, all eyes will be on you as you really seductive, masculine, casual, bold, sexy, hot and especially youth and spontaneous, details that are essential to keep our personality.

This set consists of a full-fabric sweater dark brown, leather-trimmed in the area of the elbows, skinny jeans, light brown in color, belt buckles with straps and metal, dark sunglasses, and high boots synthetic material.

If you identify with this look, do not miss the opportunity to have it, go right now for the and add it to your style and personality.

                                                               (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN:  [:najl designs :] / kevin /  .: Mr Hunter Edition:.

- EYES: ::VyC::  / Eye Contact / Blue / [GROUP Gift]

HAIR: *Dura* / Butter Rum / Group Gift


GLASSES:  *FA CREATIONS* / Dark Glasses / MOH gift

BELT + SUSPENDERS: Delirium Style / Insider LL / Lucky Leatter

SWEATER:  [Sleepy Eddy] / Crew Neck Sweater (brown) / Group Gift

JEANS + BOOTS:  Ydea /  Levis gift


Guys, in this post I want to show a style that I would define as smart casual, as agreed elements that allow you to see smart and well dressed with other elements that will give you an air of comfort and fun, this style is anything but boring, contrast is bold, as agreed sober colors, with bright colors, I think if you come dressed like your first job interview or your first day at the office, no one will forget you and make a first impression very nice, and I think the next day you have become a fashion icon for your office mates, or you will be an example to those who compete with you for the position offered in the company where you get to apply for jobs.

Your bosses and interviewers not to forget a man so well dressed, smart and bold as you, a recommendation not be afraid of color, who said that pink is for girls only, men too, are the pink looks good, reminds in the color palette is not discrimination, the colors are for everyone, so if you do not wear pink, it's time to take risks and add it to your color palette.

This set consists of a dress shirt in beige, bronze colored cardigan, dress pants in dark brown, pink scarf, glasses, translucent, and black leather shoes with metal buckles.

If you identify with this style, go for it immediately Hunting items and gifts are very good shops.

                                                             (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN:  ::Mr.Poet::  / Lieber Skin

- EYES: ::VyC:: / Eye Contact / Blue / [GROUP Gift]

HAIR: Jean Hair Mixed Honey / Alli&AliDesigns / Hair Voting Present Jan. 2012


GLASSES:  Male Student Glasses / Male Student Outfit / Free

SCARF:  ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: / Wide Scarf / (Free Gift)

CARDIGAN: Loren cardigan / Ydea / Loren Men

SHIRT + PANTS:  Ethan Outfit / Orchid Lotus andMoondance / FWH 74 
 - SOCKS: *FACREATIONS* / black suite-socks / Autumn Spirit black /  FWH 73   
 SHOES:  Laudanum shoes black & silver  / lassitude & ennui  / Free box of shoes


Guys, in this post I want to show a casual but at the same time enough dressing, ideal to go for a walk to visit places of historical interest and your city, you can also use to go to lunch or dinner with friends or to attend a reunion of prom, or maybe for a job interview, I think this style easily adapts to any environment and just remove some elements and add other more adventurous you can make right look for the night, so your clothes will get working by day or look pretty relaxed when you go out for drinks with friends or your girlfriend left the club in the next block of your office.

This style consists of a woven sweater point where black and gray, black dress shirt sleeves, printed tie, black dress pants, brown leather belt and dress shoes in dark brown very comfortable.

If you identify with this style you just have to be a hunter born, because this is part of a whole hunts, so go for it before time runs out.

                                                             (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN:  ::Mr.Poet:: / Lieber Skin

- EYES: ::VyC:: / Eye Contact / Blue / [GROUP Gift]

HAIR: [COLORS] / FreeC / LightBlonde / Gift


COSTUME + SHOES: *FA CREATIONS* / Autumn Spirit black /  FWH 73   


Watch Here the Video with the Animation

Guys, in this post I want to show a fun dance animation store My Animations gives us exclusively for the month of January, this dance as you can imagine is of excellent quality and is made with the best techniques of animation second life , which he usually does this store, enough only to take a stroll through the 3 floors of this wonderful store to enjoy the best dance animations, AO's, models, catwalk and poses.

This dance New Year's gift, to start the year happy and dynamic, as shown in the animation, as is well known for singing and dancing all life is much more tasty and sorrows are forgotten faster.

If you identify with this dance and want to make an impression at parties and clubs in second life do not miss this great animation, and bring to all your friends dancing to the beat of My Animations, for this gift just have to subscribe to the store or be part of the same group.

Santos Used:

DANCE:  My Dance GIft-Jan 2012 / My Animations / >> January EXCLUSIVE GIFT << 


Guys, in this post I want to show a very sexy and masculine look, ideal to take pictures or spend a relaxing day at home, but the fact that we are at home does not mean that we look bad, however we must look fresh and relaxed, yet sexy and comfortable, and as many men at home are usually in underwear or pajamas, this option presents itself with sensual and fun way to take advantage of the muscular Tank Top, and boxer set.

This style is comprised of a black boxer set that makes the package very well for some and embarrassment to others, a muscle t-shirt printed, which lets you view tattoos torso and arms, gray wool gloves hanging on the shoulders, a gray winter hat, black gloves on the hands, brown combat boots and an iPod so that we are connected with the best of the music.

If you identify with this style, go through all the items and add them to your personality, highlighting your best angles.

                                                             (Click on photo to enlarge)

Santos Used:

- SKIN + HAIR BASE: AKERUKA / Damien Chinbeard Light Haired + Hairbase & Eyeliner / Skin Group Gift (Join 250 L)

- EYES: ::VyC:: / Eye Contact / Blue / [GROUP Gift]


-TATTOO: Mark tattoo / Ydea  / Mark gift 

GLOVES: gloves cruch / '''lotus noir''' / cruch outfit / Gift MHO

COSTUME:  Boxer + Shirt + Cap +  Ipod + Bulge + Gloves / Death Dealers'Market / Im Sexy [Men]

 - BOOTS: DeathRow Designs / Patchwork Bum Boots / AD&DW #30